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‘Falling Into Heaven’ Chronicles Fallen Skydiver’s Visit to Heaven, Medical “Unquestionably from my story, I’ve experienced the reality of an afterlife…”

Minneapolis, MN (June 23, 2014) —On August 15, 1968, 19-year-old skydiver Mickey Robinson crashed to what should have been his death. Half of his body covered in third-degree burns, doctors and nurses believed Mickey to be a lost cause, obligatorily caring for him while waiting for his inevitable passing. However, God had a different plan.

In FALLING INTO HEAVEN: A SKYDIVER’S GRIPPING ACCOUNT OF HEAVEN, HEALINGS, AND MIRACLES(BroadStreet Publishing, September 1, 2014), Robinson shares in great detail his life-changing visit to heaven, and its continued impact on the life he wasn’t supposed to be living.

Deep in the throes of a high fever and intense pain, doctors began alerting Mickey’s family of his last moments on earth, when Mickey’s heaven experience began:

“Then suddenly, like a butterfly breaking out of a cocoon, my inner being, my spirit and my soul separated from my physical body. I felt my lower torso and legs go through the mattress and bed frame. Then my spiritual being was poised perpendicular to my broken body. Immediately I was transported into another dimension: a spiritual world! I looked myself over. My spiritual body was whole. My right hand was not mangled but perfect. No burns, no scars, no blemishes at all.”

“I knew the magnitude of all the awesome things I was seeing and experiencing would continue to transform me for the rest of my life. The one thing that caused the greatest awe in this experience, which affected me more than anything else, was knowing, feeling, and hearing from God Himself the unrelenting, personal, everlasting love He has for me.”

Mickey returned to his hospital bed with a renewed will to not only fight for his life, but to make a complete recovery—a tall order for a man with multiple complications, any of which should have killed him. He knew that his heavenly visit had a purpose, and that his mission now was to spread the love, hope and peace he experienced there on earth.

Filled with miracle after miracle, Mickey’s healing astounded and confused doctors as to how his body continued to defy medical boundaries. In addition to the medical miracles, Mickey’s Miracles and Journey of Hope and Healing supernatural experiences continued as he began recognizing his real life as scenes from a vision he saw in heaven, and had not only one, but two encounters with Jesus on earth. For three decades now, Mickey has shared his message of hope and encouragement with national and international audiences, in churches and on television screens. FALLING INTO HEAVEN is the newest vehicle for this evergreen message of hope, love, peace and encouragement

“Hardly any ones dies and is given a second chance to really live…I pray that this book will inspire you to have a burning heart and cause you to be a carrier of His fire as we continue the process of falling to heaven and sharing God’s love wherever we go.”